Family Trip to Wild Adventures

Last week my family and I got to visit Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia. Luckily for us, the weather for our visit was nice. The sun was always shinning and no rain could be found. Because of this, the heat was our number one enemy. My dad joked the whole time and said, ” we were just south of the surface of the sun.” And he was right! On our first day (thursday), we entered the park shortly after two in the afternoon. To our surprise, most of the rides had no wait at all. For us this was a blessing. My brother and I rode almost everything in that one day! IMAG2195.jpg

After riding rides and being out in the scorching heat, we needed a break. We decided to go look at some of the parks animal exhibits. Here we not only saw some cool animals, but learned about them too. Some rides in the park even incorporate animals, like the train. One ride, Rattler, uses animals in the que line. My favorite animal at the park was Twister, the alligator (below). My brother and I just had to take a picture with him.IMAG2178.jpg

After that, I had to ride a water ride before heading back to the hotel. My brother suggested the Tasmanian River Rapids. Of course, I was game for anything, so I agreed. I loved the unique “whirlpool” effect. It sure made for a great spot to get wet. Well, for me to get wet anyway.IMAG2215.jpg

The next day, we attended the park once again, but this time with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and my two young cousins. The park offers a lot of rides for families and small children. This came in handy for us, as my cousins and brother could not get enough rides.IMAG2163.jpg

The Georgia heat continued to test us. We needed to cool off, so we headed to Splash Island (included in park admission), the water park at Wild Adventures. The water park has slides and play areas for kids of all ages, as well as a wave pool and lazy river. It was a great way to end the day, as well as have a lot of fun!IMAG2229.jpg

Overall, the trip to Wild Adventures was great! The staff was incredibly friendly and really seemed to enjoy their job. I really hope to visit again sometime soon. Thank you Wild Adventures, for great times and great memories!

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2015 Six Flags Announcements



Today is the big day for Six Flags and all its parks announcing their new rides for 2015.  Below is a list of some of those rides.

Six Flags New England Wicked Cyclone

Six Flags Magic Mountain Twisted Colossus

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Batman: The Ride

Six Flags Great Adventure Looping Dragon

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Dare Devil Chaos

Six Flags Over Texas Justice League Dark Ride

Six Flags Over Georgia Jokers Chaos

Six Flags America Bourbon Street Fireball

The Great Escape Buccaneer Beach

Six Flags St. Louis Justice League dark ride
Six Flags Mexico Sky Screamer

La Ronde Maison Rouge year-round haunt

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Cedar Point New Additions for 2014

This year Cedar Point took a step back from the excitment of adding a large roller coaster or intense flat ride to add some family offerings which is something they have not done for several years.  The addition of 3 new rides included the total referbishment of the Gemini midway.  This also included the Monster ride getting a paint job as well as a new walkway and lighting packages all around.

First is the addition of “Pipe Scream” which is a Disk’O type coaster ride similar to “Surf Dog” at Kings Island.  It was placed in an area where 2 older kiddy rides were located which were removed.  I can tell you from personal experience it is waaaayyyy better than Kings Island version :).

Photo from 

They have also added “Lake Erie Eagles” as seen below. I can remember riding a ride similar to these as a child at Holiday World.  So this one brought back memories.

Photo from Cedar

Both are great family rides.

These areas looked amazing at night with the new light packages they added to each ride as well as the overhead lights to pull it all together.  Gives the look and feel of a carnival type atmosphere.

Photos Via MyOwnCP Facebook Page.

In addition to these rides there is the new Sling Shot ride that opened up to the public on 7-1-14.  It shoots 2 riders up in the air to 360ft and then they free fall back down. Of course this is at additional cost to the patron of the park as well at $25.00 extra a pop.

The old Donut Time restaurant is now everyone’s favorite Starbucks.  The old game day grill is now a sports pub called Chickies and Petes. There are also a few more game and food stands added in some vacant areas where the park felt they needed to be added. As well as other miscellaneous upgrades.

All in all Cedar Point continues to lead the way with the whole family in mind when they visit the park with something for everyone.  From the large record breaking coasters that flip and spin you around every way possible to smaller rides that excite the littlest of children.

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“Best Park and Roller Coaster Seeker’s ‘Owner’ Supports “Atlanta Children’s Hospital, Join in Making This Year the Best Yet”

April 8, 2013
Dear friend,

This might sound a little crazy, but it’s worth it for the kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

A friend of mine, Brad Mahan, signed up for the Coasterthon for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta which will be held June 7th at Six Flags Over Georgia. He will be riding the MindBender roller coaster for up to 10 hours – really! In order to get a seat on the coaster, He needs to raise the most money he can. He set a goal of $1000 but we want to blow that goal away! Will you help me help him, help the Children? Your donation is tax deductible. The money raised is for the Cardiac Center that mends kids heart and lift their spirits.

Here is Brad’s Bio:
He is a true Roller coaster fan.
He worked at Six Flags from 1987 thru 2001.
He has had Season Passes to Six Flags since 1975
He is a member of American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE)
He is a member of The CoasterCrew
He owns Best Park and Roller Coaster Seeker (
He has current season Passes to 5 Different brand parks.
He has been on many newscast ,when a new ride opens.
He has been on the Travel Channel Many times.
He can be seen on Bert The Conqueror Show, on the Tennessee(season 1 show5) and South Carolina episodes .(season 1 show 10)
He was the 1st official rider when Goliath opened at Six Flags, which he raised money for Children’s then also.

He did the Coasterthon in 2012 and came in second just $85 dollars short. He did make it all 10 hours where the one that collected the most only lasted 6 hours. This year lets let him win both in collections and Longest rider.

How could you not want to support him.
This Coasterthon means so much to so many children in need. If you would like to Join Brad and get a seat , check out the details On The Coasterthon site.

Thanks so much for your support!

Follow This Link to visit my personal webbest correct  color logoimage007 page and help me in my efforts to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

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“SeaWorld Orlando Releases Latest Behind The Freeze Video”


Creating Antarctica; Storytelling Through the ice.
SeaWorld Creative Director Brian Morrow takes you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how SeaWorld Orlando’s new attraction- Antarctica: Empire of The Penguin – is shaping up…literally! In this ‘Behind The Freeze video’, find out how our design teams are creating a frozen realm in sunny Orlando and telling an incredible story of adventure through the eyes of a special penguin hero named Puck.
Antarctica app available now for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.
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“Dollywood’s Festival of Nations Begins March 23!”

dw-hero-fon-spdw-hero-2013dw-hero-friendliestdsc-hero-riverrushPigeon Forge, Tn.- New and exciting cultures from around the globe,including China’s acrobatic pageantry in Cirque Shanghai and the enchantment of India in Mystic India,are on display during Dollywood’s Festival of Nations presented by Humana, March 23 through April 22.

More than 25 countries are represented through their respective heritages of music,dance,food and art in this delightfully diverse event. Authentic cuisine and ethnic activities allow guests added insight of other cultures.

“During all my travels, I’ve seen so many amazingly talented performers”, said Dolly Parton. I love having them entertain during my Festival of Nations so that folks can come and experience all the beautiful sights and sounds of this big old world right here in my Smokey Mountains home”.

Several new shows highlight the exciting lineup of acts,illustrating the festival’s extreme diversity. Located in DP’s Celebrity Theater , Cirque Shanghai combines traditional and modern Chinese acrobatics alongside amazing displays of physical strength and incredible feats of balance. This heart-pounding production features beautifully costumed performers and a visual feast of breathtaking white-knuckle stunts. All Festival of Nations shows are included with park admission. Also new, Mystic India takes audiences on a celebratory journey through India via a stunning performance which fuses dance,theater and visual effects into an amazing explosion of color and energy, Mystic India takes the Showstreet Palace Theater stage.

Dollywood’s 2013 Festival of Nations lineup also includes the new shows:

*Mariachi Divas (March 23 – April 22) – A multicultural,all-female ensemble,Mexico’s Mariachi Divas are three-time Grammy Award Winners with unique songs infused with the Latin sounds of Mariachi.

*Glass Duo ( March 23 – April 22 ) Classically trained musicians using crystal glassware as their instrument of choice, Poland’s Glass Duo flawlessly performs a wide repertoire of amazing music.

*Pause Cafe’ ( March 23 – April 22 ) the French duo “Pause Cafe’ ” performs traditional and modern folk music on a variety of instruments, including the rare hang drum.

*Ugandan Children’s choir From the Royal School and Orphanage of Mityana, Unganda,the Ungandan Children’s Choir features children ages 8-15, performing Ungandan drum songs. Two groups, Ungandan Thunder (March 23- 29)and Suubi Tribe (April 1-7),perform during the Festival of Nations.

*Hodman and Sally (March 23- April 22) The interactive street act features two wanderers, Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth,traversing the park while trying to understand the new and baffling world around them.

*Rolla Bolla (March 23 -April 22) This highly skilled performer displays amazing feats of balance and concentration,along with a large dose of humor,atop a rolling balance board.

*Scottish Bagpiper, Selected Dates (March 23 – April 22)A roving bagpiper fills the Smokey Mountain air with the beautiful sounds of the Scottish highlands.

Returning Favorites Are:

*Atahualpa (March 23- April 22) From Ecuador,Atahualpa combines Native Incan instruments with contemporary backups to celebrate the history and culture of the Andes Mountains.

*Zambian Vocal Group (March 23 – April 22) Five young men from Zambia combine traditional African rhythms, vocal percussion and complex harmonies to deliver a message of unity, hope and blessings.

*Swoon Sway Pole Act (March 23- April 22) This Melbourne,Australia-based group fuses theatre, dance,circus and comedy into a unique art. Perched atop 15-foot high flexible poles, the troupe bends and sways in the air, engaging the audience in absolute fascination.

* Zebra Stelzentheater (March23-April 22) Zebra Stelzentheater features stilt dancers in original Barvarian folk costumes interacting with guests throughout the streets of Dollywood.

Each day, Dollywood’s One World Celebration unites all Festival of Nations’ visiting performers in a unique musical and colorful bash throughout Showstreet. Dressed in their colorful native costumes, the international cast enthrall guests with this engaging street celebration that sets the stage for a festive jubilee.

A plethora of tasty and unique food options awaits guests thanks to the new World Passport to Food, and expanded international menu. Upon arrival, guests pickup a passport and use it to navigate their way to the delectable delights found throughout the park. At all international food locations,guest’s passports are stamped to signify their visit to each country. Dollywood’s new World Passport to Food provides a  gateway to experience the culinary highlights of cultures from around the globe.(Food is an additional fee).

A 150-acre family adventure park located in the Smokey Mountains, Dollywood is the 2010 Applause Award winner,the theme park industry’s highest accolade. Open 9 months a year ( March 23- January 4,2014) Dollywood offers rides and attractions; award-winning live entertainment featuring country, bluegrass,gospel and mountain music’ and a dozen crafters authentic to the east Tennessee region. The neighboring 35-acre Dollywood’s Splash Country, which operates Memorial Day to Labor Day, and features “RiverRush”, Tennessee’s first and only water coaster. Dollywood Vacations offers all-inclusive vacation planning that features lodging and tickets for Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country. For more information, call 1-800-DOLLYWOOD or visit: dollywood’s website . Operating days and hours vary.   – dollywood 2013-

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“Record Breaking Coaster to Debut Friday”

5111765946eec_image51155e41a3b72_preview-300The wait is nearly over for roller coaster enthusiasts. Silver Dollar City’s newest ride at the Park, “Outlaw Run”,debuts Friday.
Martha Hoy Bohner, senior publicist at Silver Dollar City, said the wooden coaster has attraction international attention.
Wood Coasters have the traditional look and that tradition and feel,Boyner said. Not only is it a great addition to Silver Dollar City, but to the world of roller coasters.
The $10 million project features a 162-foot drop at 81 degrees,steep enough to be crowned the world’s steepest wooden coaster.
“Outlaw Run” clocks in at 68 miles per hour,the world’s second fastest wooden coaster, and includes three inversions, another record for wooden coasters.
Rocky Mountain Construction, based in Hayden,Idaho, built the coaster. The Park’s largest investment during the past 10 years. This is the first amusement ride Rocky Mountain Construction has worked on in the Ozark’s region according to the Silver Dollar City website. Construction began in January 2012 and was completed September 26.
Monday, March 18, three days after opening day, marks the start of family Spring Break period at Silver Dollar City, according to Bohner. The following month, World Fest, a festival featuring various performers from around the world, begins.
“We’re used to heavy traffic”, Bohner said of Silver Dollar City’s attendance. “Certainly, what we do is have additional staffing for parking lots. We’re pretty attuned to handle heavy traffic time”.
Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce reported $3.1 billion in revenue from tourism in 2010 with 31 percent of Branson visitors coming for amusement parks.
World Fest, held April 1 – May 5 also features new attractions for Park guests including an Island Fire Show featuring two world champion fire knife dancers, a Russian Folk Trio and Amamos Argentina, a 14 member troupe of dancers, drummers, and aerial dances.
In previous years, Bohner said the Park attracts 2,000 to 10,000 visitors depending on the weather.
“With good weather, we would expect to host 20,000 to 30,000 guests for the opening weekend”, she said.
By Deborah Fitts