Family Trip to Wild Adventures

Last week my family and I got to visit Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia. Luckily for us, the weather for our visit was nice. The sun was always shinning and no rain could be found. Because of this, the heat was our number one enemy. My dad joked the whole time and said, ” we were just south of the surface of the sun.” And he was right! On our first day (thursday), we entered the park shortly after two in the afternoon. To our surprise, most of the rides had no wait at all. For us this was a blessing. My brother and I rode almost everything in that one day! IMAG2195.jpg

After riding rides and being out in the scorching heat, we needed a break. We decided to go look at some of the parks animal exhibits. Here we not only saw some cool animals, but learned about them too. Some rides in the park even incorporate animals, like the train. One ride, Rattler, uses animals in the que line. My favorite animal at the park was Twister, the alligator (below). My brother and I just had to take a picture with him.IMAG2178.jpg

After that, I had to ride a water ride before heading back to the hotel. My brother suggested the Tasmanian River Rapids. Of course, I was game for anything, so I agreed. I loved the unique “whirlpool” effect. It sure made for a great spot to get wet. Well, for me to get wet anyway.IMAG2215.jpg

The next day, we attended the park once again, but this time with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and my two young cousins. The park offers a lot of rides for families and small children. This came in handy for us, as my cousins and brother could not get enough rides.IMAG2163.jpg

The Georgia heat continued to test us. We needed to cool off, so we headed to Splash Island (included in park admission), the water park at Wild Adventures. The water park has slides and play areas for kids of all ages, as well as a wave pool and lazy river. It was a great way to end the day, as well as have a lot of fun!IMAG2229.jpg

Overall, the trip to Wild Adventures was great! The staff was incredibly friendly and really seemed to enjoy their job. I really hope to visit again sometime soon. Thank you Wild Adventures, for great times and great memories!

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“Record Breaking Thrills: Theme Parks Swing Into Summer Fun”

w300-cef057e18918739db79b1bfcf8c117c0April 23, 2013-

Six Flags Over Texas is in the final construction stages of what will be the tallest swing ride in the world, Texas SkyScreamer. Hurricane Harbor also has two new water slides in completion — Typhoon Twister and Tsunami Surge

Soon, guests at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington will get an unprecedented view of Texas, while swinging in great circles around an enormous tower, suspended 400 feet in the air from the world’s tallest swing ride — the new Texas SkyScreamer.

A Double Park Season Pass to Frontier City and White Water Bay is $69.99 plus tax per person and can keep your family enjoying rides, concerts, endless…

At full rotation, riders will swing in 124-foot circles reaching speeds of 34 mph. This high intensity thrill ride will be visible for miles and will serve as the park’s newest icon, which is about a 218-mile drive from Oklahoma City.

“We take great pride in offering the best, the biggest and the most innovative attractions for our guests,” said Steve Martindale, Six Flags Over Texas park president, in a news release. “This ride experience will be unlike any other tower swing ride ever built.”

The ride is in the final stages of erection, said Sharon Parker, a representative from the park. She’s ridden all the rides at the park except Mr. Freeze and Titan.

“They go so fast, so quickly,” she said. “In my head, I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t think I can handle it!”

Texas SkyScreamer likely will be added to the list of rides Parker is too squeamish to board, she said. It’s for real adrenaline junkies, but they’ll have to wait until the ride is complete and opens, set for mid-May.

“The biggest portion of it is laying the foundation, as you can imagine, for a structure that’s 400-feet-tall,” Parker said. In preparation for building the ride, geologists surveyed the ground, strengthening the earth by adding different types of dirt and pouring deep piers that had to cure for at least
By Deborah Fitts

“NEWS!! From ” Knoebels Amusement Resort”

ELYSBURG — When Knoebels Amusement Resort in Northumberland County opens later this month, there will be a brand new ride…a very tall one! Crews just raised the 148 foot tower on “The Stratosfear”.

“It’s a drop tower, it will take you up 148 feet. 12 people at a time, 12 seats,” Knoebels Spokesperson Joe Muscato said.

Knoebels Spokesperson Joe Muscato says the Stratosfear will be the tallest ride at the park. It goes up slowly and then drops riders at 47 miles per hour!

“It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had an addition this big and exciting so we’re pretty worked up about it,” Muscato said.

The Knoebel family decided to buy the ride last summer while on vacation.

“The fifth generation Knoebel children had pulled the third generation to the side and said, ‘hey, we have got to have one of these at Knoebels.’ So the third generation all decided, ‘alright, let’s do this,’” Brian Knoebel said.

People were not allowed to watch the construction of the ride up close, but Knoebels fans still knew what was going on through Facebook

“I posted a couple of pictures this morning and I swear people are sitting at home watching the whole thing because every time I post one there are 10-12,000 people looking at it,” Muscato said.

The Stratosfear must go through extensive testing before people are allowed to ride it. Dummies that are filled with water will be strapped into these seats for the first couple of trials.

“That will test that everything is stable and the restraints work and that sort of thing. As soon as that’s all good we’ll be ready to put people on it,” Muscato said.

Knoebels expects to have the ride ready to go when the park opens on April 27.
By Deborah Fitts

“Best Park and Roller Coaster Seeker’s ‘Owner’ Supports “Atlanta Children’s Hospital, Join in Making This Year the Best Yet”

April 8, 2013
Dear friend,

This might sound a little crazy, but it’s worth it for the kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

A friend of mine, Brad Mahan, signed up for the Coasterthon for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta which will be held June 7th at Six Flags Over Georgia. He will be riding the MindBender roller coaster for up to 10 hours – really! In order to get a seat on the coaster, He needs to raise the most money he can. He set a goal of $1000 but we want to blow that goal away! Will you help me help him, help the Children? Your donation is tax deductible. The money raised is for the Cardiac Center that mends kids heart and lift their spirits.

Here is Brad’s Bio:
He is a true Roller coaster fan.
He worked at Six Flags from 1987 thru 2001.
He has had Season Passes to Six Flags since 1975
He is a member of American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE)
He is a member of The CoasterCrew
He owns Best Park and Roller Coaster Seeker (
He has current season Passes to 5 Different brand parks.
He has been on many newscast ,when a new ride opens.
He has been on the Travel Channel Many times.
He can be seen on Bert The Conqueror Show, on the Tennessee(season 1 show5) and South Carolina episodes .(season 1 show 10)
He was the 1st official rider when Goliath opened at Six Flags, which he raised money for Children’s then also.

He did the Coasterthon in 2012 and came in second just $85 dollars short. He did make it all 10 hours where the one that collected the most only lasted 6 hours. This year lets let him win both in collections and Longest rider.

How could you not want to support him.
This Coasterthon means so much to so many children in need. If you would like to Join Brad and get a seat , check out the details On The Coasterthon site.

Thanks so much for your support!

Follow This Link to visit my personal webbest correct  color logoimage007 page and help me in my efforts to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

For more Information on Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

For more information on Six Flags Over Georgia

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“Lake Winnie Water Park Taking Shape”

4DNT_WinnieGravel-var-tmp-jpgiwrnpn_456_345_cropimage35The flat stretch of land once used for overflow parking at Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park has been transformed in just over two months as the water park SoakYa takes shape.
The water park, Lake Winnie’s first expansion in more than 50 years, will be an “oasis of fun” upon completion May 3, said Lake Winnie Public Relations Director, Talley Green.
Despite some heavy rainfall and some freezing conditions over the past two months, the construction crews have hardly missed a step in preparing for the development.
On fair weather days, crews will work around the clock making up for any lost time, said Project Superintendant Thomas Lampron with Aquatic Development Group (ADG).
“The rain has inpeded some things but we have gone ahead with other things so it has evened out”,Green said.” This is our biggest expansion in over 50 years and a very large undertaking. We have a very knowledgeable team in place making this happen”.
Each part of the development has been subdivided to accomodate the simultaneous work being done. Working in 20 feet increments, crews dig out the Adventure River, using the same earth to build up the foundation of body and tubing slides in the center. Asked if the ride was like a lazy river, Lampron said he does not build anything lazy.The river ride will have a wave machine and pumps pushing riders through colorful and lush landscape.
“We are not going to theme it with sharks or pirates”, Green said. ” It will have wonderful bright colors and a very inviting atmosphere”
On one side of the river the beach lagoon has already been excavated.Approximately 840 feet long and 14 feet wide, three feet of water in the lagoon will have riders bumping and splashing as part of the 5 acre water park attraction.
As construction of the river nears completion a bridge will be constructed to allow access to the slides in the center. Two body slides and two tubing slides will be constructed high above the river floor with the possibility for a fifth slide.
On May 24, when SoakYa opens for Memorial Day Weekend, patrons will see another transformation. The mud covered excavation site will be a paradise of colorful rides and crystal clear waters.
For an additional $5 from the current admission price to the amusement park, adventure seekers will get both parks. Upon entering the park, one of the first observations will be a new train station on the west side of the park.
The train tracks are being re-routed to include a new stop at the SoakYa water park. To the left of the entrance will be a snack bar, gift shop, first-aide center and restrooms with lockers.The construction of these buildings has begun and in just a month will be about 80 percent complete,said Lampron.
“There will be a lot of finishing touches”, Lampron said.
To the right of the entrance is massive comcrete decking with a lounging area, seating and more concession stands. Whether park goers are taking a break from the action of watching their children splash in the pool,this will be a place of relaxation. Directly in the center will be an array of water rides, slides and pools. Nearest to the lounging area will be a section for small children with a kids pool and small slides.The park will also feature two more distinct swimming areas.
The project is literally starting from the ground up. From the floor of the Adventure River, rock is being laid for drainage prior to concrete being poured. New water and sewer pipes, are being set in order to provide for the overwhelming park needs. And most importantly is the pumping station with wave generation and filitration system. These aspects are less glamorous but get the water clean and moving throughout all the rides.
” This is Top-Notch stuff”, Lampron said.”We ( ADG ) manufacture and install the water filtration system, which meets all the Health Department Codes”.
Lake Winnie, famous for it’s wooden ‘Cannonball’ roller coaster, will open in April as a dry park and began training employees for the new water park in early May. The park will become both wet and dry fun for Memorial Day when both parks are available for $ 31.95 ( $ 15.95 for children under 2 and seniors )
For more information on SoakYa and Lake Winnie.
By Deborah Fitts

” A Look at Santa Cruz, California “

ckd700pg000rhcdun9o409j55ks2a0d40cp000dpm6vbslide_37991_317989_freeslide_37991_317983_freephoto_BeachShot01The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the oldest surviving amusement park in California and one of only a few seaside amusement parks on the West Coast. Two of its rides, a 1911 carousel and a wooden roller coaster built-in 1924, have been designated National Historic Landmarks.
The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is recognized as the Best Seaside Park in The World. The vibrant, bustling amusement park is renowned for its great rides, remarkable history, spectacular beach setting, and friendly attitude, among much more!
The Boardwalk has been operating since 1907, and it hasn’t missed a beat! We believe in affordable family fun.
Two of our rides are National Historic Landmarks, but don’t let that fool you. The 1924 Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster still thrills riders with its hair raising dips and turns and the Looff Carousel’s unique ring toss provides a surprising challenge. Our indoor arcade offers the largest selection of games in Northern California with the latest video and redemption games, pinball machines, a vintage game collection, a two-story miniature golf course, and laser tag arena. There’s also a family bowling center right across the street.
Many people visit just for the food. Choices include: Corn Dogs made from a secret family recipe, Deep Fried Artichokes, Chocolate Covered Bacon, and Deep Fried Twinkies!
The Boardwalk spans a wide sandy beach along Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, where it’s not unusual to see otters, dolphins, sea lions, and even whales swimming just off shore.

“2013 Endless Summer Season Pass”
Unlimited Rides All Year Long For ONLY $72.95 +tax !!
Includes These Extras:
One FREE all-day rides wristband for a friend!!
One FREE Bonus Book full of extra discounts!!

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has even more ‘special offers’, to find out more about them visit:
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“Fun Spot’s ” Skycoaster ” Changes I-Drive Skyline”

0b6bc660e803e04c42a918177d309bad09fb204bb0707669d878f9c7eb99a1ea5ed1cdda0b0cb2757c5a2e6eebe9975cdscf2388Kissimmee, Fla.–


The skyline along International Drive will look very different by Saturday evening,thanks to a new attraction at Fun Spot Amusement Park. Workers are installing what will be one of the tallest structures in Orlando once they erect a 250 foot “Skycoaster” as a part of a huge expansion to the park.

For a family of thrill-seekers, Fun Spot’s newest attraction will be 250 feet of magic!!

“I definitely want to do that”, said Cheri Reynolds, who came with her family from New York.

As crews race to get it off the ground for it’s June 8th grande opening, the excitement is building.

“We came here for the go carts– that’s our favorite thing at Fun Spot, but new attractions are something new to try and something fun”, said Steve Haraden, also visiting from New York with his family.

The world’s largest “Skycoaster” in Kissimmee brings people in, but only about 10 percent are brave enough to ride it, said Brisson. However, the new development is a local economic booster, with 200 construction jobs and offering 100 new jobs when the expansion is complete.

“As profitable as a great ride as the “Skycoaster” is, it’s also a 250 feet beacon”, said Brisson.

“When they’re on I-4, when they’re on the turnpike”,  What’s that over there?   it’s HUGE!!!

By Deborah Fitts