Holiwood Nights 2015 Event Report


We had heard so much about past Holidaywood Night events we decided to make the short drive to Santa Clause, Indiana to experience this years event.

Friday night we started out with ERT in the water park.  At the same time we were served light snacks to hold us over till dinner.

Raven, Legend, Voyage, Thunderbird ERT finished up the night with 4.5 hours of amazing ERT!  We were able to just camp out on just about all of them and ride without having to get out of our seats.  Basically the only thing that made use get off the coaster was our bodies telling us it was time to quit!!!





After a LATE night riding we arrived Saturday mornng for day #2 of riding.

We passed the time hitting some of the flat rides till it was time for out behind the scenes tour of Voyage and Thunderbird.  This offered some amazing photo oppertunities of both coasters in action.

After our tour we had dinner and had the chance to bid on items that they park put in a silent auction.  The items included coaster parts, lap bars, old park signs, coaster grease among other items.

Once again the ERT on the coasters started up around 7:30PM and this time went an extra hour. 

There were storms all around on Saturday but they never really kept any of our activities from happening.  As you can see from the photo above we had some moon light to help light the way during our Saturday Night ERT.

We left the park battered and bruised with probably over 50 rides on the 4 roller coasters total during the 1 and 1/2 day event.

We had a awesome time at this event.  You get to meet several folks that enjoy riding and share stories with then.  With the hospitality of a park like Holiday World you can’t go wrong.  We have already made plans and cleared out schedules for next years events!

It is a must do for sure!


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Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone


CoasterStock 2015 Recap


When I saw that Kings Island announced last winter that they would be having their first ever coaster enthusist event in May of 2015 we knew that it was a MUST ATTEND event.  Plans were made and reservtions were booked.  All we needed was for one particular weekend in May arrive. 




We arrived early on Saturday morning to get through registration and and make sure we were ready to enter the park at 8:00am sharp for ERT on Banshee, and the Bat.  

We then made our way over to Adventure Express for several laps.  

The park then opened to the general public for the day and we were on our own until 11:00am. When we had a behind the scenes tour of Banshee.


 This tour offered great views that you normally are not going to get otherwise. 

Dennis Speigel was our guest speaker and was one of the original developers/founders of the park.  He orginally worked at Coney Island and talked about how that park evolved and eventually the idea came along to build Kings Island due to all the floodiing problems that plagued its Ohio River location.  Dennis spoke a little over an hour and had several fun storis to tell about his experiences over the years.

We had dinner in the Picnic Grove that featured BBQ chicken and Ribs!!!



After a day of riding , nightfall was quicklly upon us and it was time for ERT and not just any ERT but BEAST, Diamondback, Vortex, Back Lot Stunt coaster.  These all offered amazing night rides all the way till midnight..


Throw in a couple laps on the iconic Beast and our night was complete!  We ended up walking out of the park at 1145pm.  16 Total hours on day one.


Day 2

There was a early morning train tour that we skipped out on in order to get a litttle more sleep  We planned on getting in te park at 9:00am for morning ERT. Which started on the classic Racer.



Then moved its way down Coney Mall towards Firehawk and Fiight of Fear. 


 Grabbed several more rides after the park opened and it as time for lunch.  Burgers and Dogs was the menu with Blue Ice Cream was desert.  At 3:00pm that afternoon we had the Beast and Diamondback walk backs.  This had to be the highlight of the event.  We were given views that NO ONE gets!  


It was so fun to watch the expressions of the riders when they would come up to the point where they could see several hundered people standing new to the track watching then go by.  

Diamondback was next.


After both tours we decided to can it a day and start the trip back home.  There was additional ERT Sunday night which we elected not to stay for.  


In closing, this was an amazing trip! For the first event that Kings Island ever put on they seem like pros.  All the ERT, 2 meals, shirt, lapel pen, 4 free on ride photo coupons, refill drink bottle all for ONLY 25.00 for a season pass holder.  We did have a couple of issues but they were minor and I told Don Helbig about them and he apologized.  We really enjoyed ourselves are are alreadly planning our trip for next years event!


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Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone

Carowinds “Furyous” Opening Weekend

Carowinds has a huge opening weekend this weekend. With the unveiling of Fury 325 roller coaster, Slingshot ride, as well as their new entry plaza.  The park has invested millions of dollars over the next seval years for major improvements.  So far the improvements unveiled this past weekend have been met to rave reviews.

New entry plaza.

Park rolled out the red carpet for media day.


Fury 325 had huge lines all weekend.

Fury entrance.

Make sure you get down to Charlotte to check out this amazing coaster.  You won’t be disappointed!


Photos via Carowinds website.


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Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone


Kings Dominion Hiring 1600 Associates for 2015 Season

With the parks 40th Celebration during the 2015 season Kings Dominion is in need of 1600 additional assoociates.    The open positions include food and beverage, games, merchandise, rides, aquatics, admissions and security.  These are entry level as well as supervisory postions.  The park will hire an additional 800 associates though the spring.  With the expansion of the water park an additional 50 new aquatics positions have been created.  

”We are thrilled to be able to offer empoyment to those looking for summer jobs or those applicants looking for additional hours to supplement their current job” said Greg Talley, the park’s Human Resources Director. 

Applicants must be at least 15 years of age and apply online at http://www.kingsdominion.com/jobs. Qualified condiidates will be contacted to conduct an on-site interview. 

The 40th Celebration continues as Kings Dominion opens for the new seasoon March 29th to the general public.  All Season Passholders are invited to the first ever Passholder Preview Day Saturday, March 28th.


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Reporting for BPARC.com Jason Slone

Kings Dominion Announces Soak City for 2015 Season

Kings Dominion will celebrate their 40th Celebration by transforming WaterWorks into Soak City.  Some of the improvements to the water include;

A 65 Foot tall slide tower that fearures three attractions.  

  • Paradise Plunge – Almost Vertical Free Fall
  • Aqua Blast – Riders are sent twisting and spiraling in an enclosed chute with 360 degree turns.
  • Thunder Falls – Launches riders in a tube down a series of drops and turns.
Splash Island will be a new children’s area that will double the size of the current children’s options.

Improved Guest Amenities including upgraded family changing areas, additional restrooms, expanded cabanas and a new restaurant.

Improvements will also include an updated entrance and landscaping throughout.

“The Soak City expansion shows our investment and commitment to being home to Virginia’s premier water park.” said Pat Jones , Vice President and General Manager of Kings Dominion.  “The new water park will have thrills and chills for every age, creating memories that will last a lifetime”

Kings Dominion would love for you to weigh in on the parks facebook page to help name the new mega slide tower.  Vote for either Hurricane Heights or Tsunami Summit.  Voting ends this Monday the 9th at Midnight. The name with the most fan vote will be announced on Tuesday the 10th.

Soak City is set to open in the spring of 2015 makin this the first epansion at the water park since 2007.

The Season begins on Sunday March 29th for Kings Dominion.



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Reporting for BPARCS.com Jason Slone






Closing out 2014 season and a look forward into what 2015 season has to offer.

Most parks are closed for the season during the winter months and park enthusiasts are chomping at the bit for the new season to start.  I thought we would take a look back as we close out the year for 2014 at some of the new coasters that were the highlight of the past year and look forward to what is to come in the 2015 season.

We start with Banshee at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.  This ride debuted raising the bar as far as inverted coasters goes and it didn’t disappoint.  It opened to rave reviews and ended up rated as one of the best coasters in the nation if not the world.


Next we go south to Dollywood and their new family coaster Fire Chaser Express.  This ride was built for the young and the young at heart.  It was not the longest tallest, fastest, but it did have a very unique element.  The ride starts out on its normal circuit going forwards and then stops in a building where you see some pyro go off and you are shot backwards out of that building back to the station.


Next we go even farther south to Walt Disney World in Orlando and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  This ride, like most that Disney adds, was several years in the making.   The ride goes though the new Fantasyland expansion and features coaster trains that have cars that swayed as they traveled the circuit to simulate what one would experience in a mine car.


Lastly we travel back north to Kentucky and the newly reopened Kentucky Kingdom.    The park reopened in the 2014 season with some new rides and some of the old favorites reopening as well.  The park introduced us to the first Chance Rides Roller Coaster Lightning Run.  This coaster was also not the longest, tallest, fastest, but it packed quite the punch.  It had a 100ft lift hill with a 80 degree angle and once you completed that part of the ride it was airtime from then on till you hit the final break run.


New in 2015

So which rides are you looking forward to in 2015.  There are several to choose from.  Let’s take a look at a few.

Thunderbird at Holiday World Launched Wing Rider.


Fury 325 at Carowinds in Charlotte, NC.  The tallest non launched coaster in the world.


Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England . A hybrid rework of the existing coaster by RMC.


Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Also a rework of the existing coaster by RMC.


These are just a few of what is to come in the 2015 season.  So during this off season lets plan out trips with family and friends so that we support out local and regional parks.  That way they can continue to expand and grow their selection of ride and keep all of us waiting with baited breath for what will be added in seasons to come. Who knows….. Your parks could be the park that gets the next record breaker.

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Reporting for BPARCS.com Jason Slone

Photos via the following sources: Kings Island Website, Holiday World Website, Dollywood Website, Six Flags Website, Carowinds Website, RCDB.com

Kentucky Kingdom Announces attendance numbers and 5 new rides for 2015


Photos and Logos Courtesy of Kentucky Kingdom Facebook Page

This past Thursday Kentucky Kingdom released its attendance numbers as well as what will be new in the park for the 2015 season.  The park had a first year attendance number of almost 600,000 after being closed for the 5 years prior.  This is compared to the year the park debuted back in 1992 with an attendance of 130,000.  This large leap in number only means that the park is on the up and up and should see approaching near the million mark within the next few years.


The park announced 5 new rides for the 2015 season.  They are the refurbished Enterprise ride, the reopening on the old T2 suspended roller coaster newly renamed T3, the old Penguin Blizzard river rapid ride as well as 2 totally new rides.  A 130 foot tall swing ride named Skycatcher, and a 360 pendulum ride named Cyclos.  An updated park map is below show the locations of all 5 rides.  Link to map can be found here http://www.kentuckykingdom.com/park-info/park-map.


The park also announced that they will have longer hours next year as well as opening earlier in April which will give the park a longer operational season.

WIth things to look forward to in 2016 the park will revitalize the old twisted twins roller coaster.  I think it is safe to say the Kentucky Kingdom is well on its way to becoming one of the premier parks in the Midwest in the coming years.

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Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone