Winter Chill Out Tour 2016

Winter Chill Out is an offseason tour at Cedar Point. Cedar Point fans who attend this event pay $50 a piece, and all proceeds go to A Kid Again. A Kid Again is a nonprofit organization that helps children with a life threatening illness, and their families have a vacation of a lifetime! This year, Cedar Point, and those who attended the event raised $40,000 for this great organization.

We started the tour at the construction site of the new 223 foot dive coaster Valravn. When we arrived they told us they were working on the gift shop, and told us, at the time, they were 80% finished with Valravn’s construction.

We also took a special tour of the engine room where they stored their most iconic locomotives.

Our tour continued to a Storage facility, and in there we were able to sit in one of Valravn’s unique eight seated trains, which will use over the shoulder restraints much like Gatekeeper.

We also toured one of Cedar Points on-site maintenance shops, where they were working on, Millennium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster cars/trains. Stripping them down to t heir chassis’s to inspect every aspect, lap bars, shoulder restraints, wheels, and all, in preparation for the upcoming 2016 operating season.

Then, we were treated to lunch, and after lunch, a presentation of things to come this season.

See Winter Chill Out Presentation blog

After the presentation our tour concluded with a visit to the renewed and recently Renovated Hotel Breakers, and a tour of what was once the dance hall at the top of the arcade, and is now used to practice the live show Luminosity and a dressing area for Halloweekends scare-actors, mascots, dancers, and singers for the live shows.

This is always a fun and exciting tour year after year. For a small fee you get some great behind the scenes looks of one of the best parks in the world, and they money goes to a great cause. I highly recommend attending this event next year.


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