Winter Chill Out Presentation 2016

Every year at the Winter Chill Out event. We get a glimpse of some of the new and exciting things happening at America’s Rockin Roller Coast. Here’s what’s new in 2016:

Valravn- Of course

Sun Rise Thrills VIP tour- Speaking of Valravn. There will be a new, and exciting VIP tour that gives you a behind the scenes look of how they prepare the ride that morning, teaching you safety procedures to make sure it’s ride ready each, and everyday. There may also be a chance to some some photos at the top of Valravn’s lift hill. No word yet on pricing, or details on how or when you can register for the amazing opportunity, but we will keep you posted.
Ride Warriors club- A Cedar Point only club. Limited availibilty of 1,000 Members. It will cost $120 a year. No age restrictions. Access to the CoasterMania! event, which is always the first Friday in June, filled with exclusive ride time in the morning, and night. Included in the club Membership you’ll receive: a one time Fast Lane pass, exclusive ride time on your favorite coasters, unique photo ops, on-video ops, and some offseason stuff. More details on how you can join the club coming soon.

Ride Removals- In park: Shoot the Rapids(due to mechanical issues, and low ridership) Challenge Park: Challenge Racing(Go Karts), and Skyscraper(these two rides are being removed to make room for something hmmm….)

Park and Ride Improvements/changes- Park: At the front of the park Hurricane Hannah’s will be replaced with Coca-Cola Oasis. As you enter the park, Coca-Cola Oasis will be the first place you can go to buy a souvenir bottle, and the first Freestyle station you will see upon entering. Staying on the main midway, the building where you can get fresh cut fries, and the mercy shop Attitude is, is getting completely redone. Attitude will be removed, and replaced with a Coca-Cola freestyle station. You can still get fresh cut fries there, but will be renamed Hot Potato. At the back of the park, Chick-Fil-A will be removed, and Frontier Inn will take its place. Frontier Inn will serve fresh battered buttermilk crispy chicken tenders(say that three times fast), fresh salads, chicken sandwiches, fries, tater tots, and more. Ride: Dodgem will get new and improved Nija bumper cars. Ninja is a company from Italy. The cars come complete with a two-tone gel-coat fiberglass finish. They can seat two adults. When power is supplied, headlights and taillights remain on.


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