The Family Behind F.A. Adventures


We are the Lang family! Scott and I have been married since July 10, 2010. We have since had two kids, Lucy (4) and Espn (2).

Our first “outing” together was at Cedar Point. And one summer, before we got married we went to Cedar Point 37 times using our Platinum passes.

For the first time in 6 years, we bought Platinum passes again. We have already visited Kings Island, Carowinds, Kings Dominion, and our home park Cedar Point this year. In a week, we will be heading to Dorney Park and Idlewild. In the past, we have been to Disney World, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens (Virginia), and Universal Studios Orlando.

Some of our favorite rides are the Magnum (Cedar Point), Diamond Back (Kings Island), The Griffon (Busch Gardens), and The Hulk (Islands of Adventures).

On the milder side of things, with our kids, we enjoy rides like the Big Wheel, monster trucks, Cadillac cars, Carousels, log flume rides, and trains.

We are passing along our passion for amusement parks to our own kids, and we would like to share our family amusement adventures with you!

F.A. Adventures
Scott, Jenn, Lucy, and Espn


Meet Lexie Austin

Screenshot_2016-06-14-00-27-54-1Hi! My name is Lexie Austin. I am seventeen years old, and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee. My two favorite things to do are cruising and going to amusement parks. My love for cruising, similar to my love for amusement parks, started very young. So far I have been on 13 cruises. (14 on June 18th and 15 on October 8th) Cruise ships now offer “amusement park like” rides and attractions, which is just another reason why I like them so much. For example, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy have a water coaster, the AquaDuck. Carnival Cruise Lines ships have Carnival’s Waterworks, ropes courses at sea, and the all new SkyRide. Royal Caribbean also contributes; They plan to have bumper cars aboard their next vessel. As ships continue to evolve and the lines continue to grow I am sure more elements like these will appear.DSCF0333.JPG


As for amusement parks though, I have a more unique love and cherishment for them. For many people, going to an amusement park to spend a day or long weekend is the highlight of the month, season, or even year. As for me, being the blessed ACE ( American Coaster Enthusiast) brat that I am, I have gotten to experience many parks as well as events and various visits to my home park, Dollywood. That being said, most people would ask, ” Does going to the same park and riding the same rides ever get boring?” My answer, “NO!” The truth is, each trip to an amusement park is different. Parks are constantly changing with new rides, food, and scenery. Even when riding the same ride, the ride can become a different experience by the people you share the ride with. The park can even change from season to season. My favorite season to go to Dollywood is Christmas time. I love seeing the lights, riding rides, and hearing Dolly sing every step of the way. To me there is nothing more magical than a winter evening at Dollywood.IMAG1434.jpg


Even though Dollywood has had a big part in my life, the fun doesn’t end there. Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana, has also had a big impact on me and my childhood. Every summer, for as long as I can remember, we have visited for the Holiwood Nights events. Each time brought more memories along with it.IMG_7701.JPG


After growing up being apart of ACE and growing my love for amusement parks and the amusement park industry, the opportunity became available to become a staff member of BPARCS. I was overjoyed when I was asked to be apart of the team and to take my love for coasters and parks to an all new level.DSCF4066.JPG


To me, amusement parks have become such a big part of my life because, above all, they bring precious family time, time that can never be forgotten. So, to me, visiting a park is full of laughter, love, thrills, memories, and new experiences. That is why I love them so much.

Winter Chill Out Presentation 2016

Every year at the Winter Chill Out event. We get a glimpse of some of the new and exciting things happening at America’s Rockin Roller Coast. Here’s what’s new in 2016:

Valravn- Of course

Sun Rise Thrills VIP tour- Speaking of Valravn. There will be a new, and exciting VIP tour that gives you a behind the scenes look of how they prepare the ride that morning, teaching you safety procedures to make sure it’s ride ready each, and everyday. There may also be a chance to some some photos at the top of Valravn’s lift hill. No word yet on pricing, or details on how or when you can register for the amazing opportunity, but we will keep you posted.
Ride Warriors club- A Cedar Point only club. Limited availibilty of 1,000 Members. It will cost $120 a year. No age restrictions. Access to the CoasterMania! event, which is always the first Friday in June, filled with exclusive ride time in the morning, and night. Included in the club Membership you’ll receive: a one time Fast Lane pass, exclusive ride time on your favorite coasters, unique photo ops, on-video ops, and some offseason stuff. More details on how you can join the club coming soon.

Ride Removals- In park: Shoot the Rapids(due to mechanical issues, and low ridership) Challenge Park: Challenge Racing(Go Karts), and Skyscraper(these two rides are being removed to make room for something hmmm….)

Park and Ride Improvements/changes- Park: At the front of the park Hurricane Hannah’s will be replaced with Coca-Cola Oasis. As you enter the park, Coca-Cola Oasis will be the first place you can go to buy a souvenir bottle, and the first Freestyle station you will see upon entering. Staying on the main midway, the building where you can get fresh cut fries, and the mercy shop Attitude is, is getting completely redone. Attitude will be removed, and replaced with a Coca-Cola freestyle station. You can still get fresh cut fries there, but will be renamed Hot Potato. At the back of the park, Chick-Fil-A will be removed, and Frontier Inn will take its place. Frontier Inn will serve fresh battered buttermilk crispy chicken tenders(say that three times fast), fresh salads, chicken sandwiches, fries, tater tots, and more. Ride: Dodgem will get new and improved Nija bumper cars. Ninja is a company from Italy. The cars come complete with a two-tone gel-coat fiberglass finish. They can seat two adults. When power is supplied, headlights and taillights remain on.

Winter Chill Out Tour 2016

Winter Chill Out is an offseason tour at Cedar Point. Cedar Point fans who attend this event pay $50 a piece, and all proceeds go to A Kid Again. A Kid Again is a nonprofit organization that helps children with a life threatening illness, and their families have a vacation of a lifetime! This year, Cedar Point, and those who attended the event raised $40,000 for this great organization.

We started the tour at the construction site of the new 223 foot dive coaster Valravn. When we arrived they told us they were working on the gift shop, and told us, at the time, they were 80% finished with Valravn’s construction.

We also took a special tour of the engine room where they stored their most iconic locomotives.

Our tour continued to a Storage facility, and in there we were able to sit in one of Valravn’s unique eight seated trains, which will use over the shoulder restraints much like Gatekeeper.

We also toured one of Cedar Points on-site maintenance shops, where they were working on, Millennium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster cars/trains. Stripping them down to t heir chassis’s to inspect every aspect, lap bars, shoulder restraints, wheels, and all, in preparation for the upcoming 2016 operating season.

Then, we were treated to lunch, and after lunch, a presentation of things to come this season.

See Winter Chill Out Presentation blog

After the presentation our tour concluded with a visit to the renewed and recently Renovated Hotel Breakers, and a tour of what was once the dance hall at the top of the arcade, and is now used to practice the live show Luminosity and a dressing area for Halloweekends scare-actors, mascots, dancers, and singers for the live shows.

This is always a fun and exciting tour year after year. For a small fee you get some great behind the scenes looks of one of the best parks in the world, and they money goes to a great cause. I highly recommend attending this event next year.