2015 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Coasterthon



JUNE 12 2015 was the 4 annual Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Coasterthon  at Six Flags Over Georgia.  
This year’s Team Bparcs broke our record with us having 3 of the 34 riders.  The morning began just before 9 AM with registration and a light breakfast and around 10 AM we started riding the Mindbender.
During the coasterthon all riders must change seats every 5 laps and once a hour you get a 5 minute  break, you must return to your seat or you lose your spot. 

At 1pm we took a hour lunch, Six Flags feed us hamburgers and hot dogs, chips and potato salad and for those brave enough ice cream.

The second half of the day was on the Georgia Scorcher.   It was a hot ride making it true to the tag line put your feet to the fire.  Six Flags was slow to get the riders water and that took a toll on many because this ride is in the open sun.  After 1 hour many of us got off including myself.  I have never been a fan of stand up coasters and I personally think it was a really bad choice  for us to do.   After 4 hours 19 finished but not many smiles.  Everyone that got off ,return to the rode to take the final laps as a group. 

While I was disappointed that I did not make the whole time, what really matters is the money raised that helps all the sick and injured kids.   It is not to late to donate. Just go to our Coasterthon donation page.
After the coasterthon we headed of to Terminal West At King Plow to see Revel in Romance , 2 years ago the band did the coasterthon with us. They invited us to the show and asked the crowd  to donate.  We raised almost
$400 more that night.   We look forward to working with the band and many more shows.

On Thursday night I made the announcement that this year would be my last being a rider of the coasterthons,  Bparcs and myself will still work to make the event bigger and better by my putting a team of riders that will do the event in 2016 as a coach. 

BPARCS strongly  believes  in the work of all Children’s  Hospital’s and we will be putting a new event that will cover 3 day of riding coasters at 3 different parks.  If you would like to join Bparcs Race team for the 2016 season  send us a email.  We will do several events at parks all over the country 2016.

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Trip Report Worlds of Fun


After going to the Six Flags park in St Louis we decided to continue our trek westward and go to Worlds Of Fun in Kansas City. As you get closer to the park if starts to show on the horizon.



The view from the parking lot.


 The first ride we went to is Mamba which is one of the parks flag ship roller coasters. Nice coaster.

The park has a large childrens area like most of the Cedar Fair Parks.


Timberwolf was closed for track work.  Looked like most of it was done so lets hope it opens soon.

Park had a Boomerang – of course..


Prowler was the parks newest coaster by GCI.  Not their typical layout.  It was more an out and back..

Another spinning coaster at this park also.  These are a lot of fun!


Patriot was a very quiet invert.  You could hardly hear it running..


Steelhawk – Windseeker


 Several different flat rides.



While Worlds of Fun is a nice park, you can tell that is at the bottom of the Cedar Fair chain of parks.  It does not have that big flagship ride that the Cedar Points, Kings Islands, Carowinds typically get year after year.   The park is in need of a larger type coaster that could pull more people in.  Could it be in the plans for the next 5-10 years?  We shall see,  stay tuned.


For information on this park and all other parks check out our facebook page.

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Trip Report Six Flags St Louis


My family and I decide to venture out west this year and try a different park.  This year we started our trip out at Six Flags just outside of St Louis.  This park is built in the side of several hills so it can be a task to walk on a very hot day.

The park has a wide range of coasters of several different types.  We headed to the back of the park and started on the Mine Train.  This coaster is a nice long familly ride.  It had 3 seperate lift hills.


The park had a sky screamer swing ride right next to the Mine Ride but we elected to skip it and head to the coasters.

 Like most other parks there was a boomerang coaster.  I passed on riding.

 Screaming Eagle is the parks classic coaster that opened in 1976.  It had a lot of length but I didnt get much in the way of airtime on the hills.  Still not a bad ride.


 The Boss coaster was next. This one was my favorite!! It had speed, air, and length.  Night rides on this one were amazing also.

 Pandominum was a spinning coaster that we rode several times.  After several attempts we finally learned how to get spinning extremely fast.  

Mr Freeze was a fun ride.  This was the point at which is went from backwards to forwards again through the circuit

 We elected to use the parks Flash Pass system due to visiting on a saturday.  I must admit,  I really liked it and was a good investmeent.

 American Thunder is the parks newest wooden coaster.  Very tight compact track like most other GCI coasters.


Ninja was an old Arrow looper that I needed to get the credit on.  It hurt!

 Batman was a short B & M invert coaster.

 Before leaving the park we had to check out this years new ride, Battle for Metropolis.  We were not disappointed.  This is one of the better 3D ride sumulator shooters that I have seen.  I must do!



We enjoyed our trip to Six Flags St Louis.  It always nice to visit other parks and see how they compair to ones that you have visited previously.  We plan on coming back soon.


For information on this park and other parks check out our Facebook page.

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Holiwood Nights 2015 Event Report


We had heard so much about past Holidaywood Night events we decided to make the short drive to Santa Clause, Indiana to experience this years event.

Friday night we started out with ERT in the water park.  At the same time we were served light snacks to hold us over till dinner.

Raven, Legend, Voyage, Thunderbird ERT finished up the night with 4.5 hours of amazing ERT!  We were able to just camp out on just about all of them and ride without having to get out of our seats.  Basically the only thing that made use get off the coaster was our bodies telling us it was time to quit!!!





After a LATE night riding we arrived Saturday mornng for day #2 of riding.

We passed the time hitting some of the flat rides till it was time for out behind the scenes tour of Voyage and Thunderbird.  This offered some amazing photo oppertunities of both coasters in action.

After our tour we had dinner and had the chance to bid on items that they park put in a silent auction.  The items included coaster parts, lap bars, old park signs, coaster grease among other items.

Once again the ERT on the coasters started up around 7:30PM and this time went an extra hour. 

There were storms all around on Saturday but they never really kept any of our activities from happening.  As you can see from the photo above we had some moon light to help light the way during our Saturday Night ERT.

We left the park battered and bruised with probably over 50 rides on the 4 roller coasters total during the 1 and 1/2 day event.

We had a awesome time at this event.  You get to meet several folks that enjoy riding and share stories with then.  With the hospitality of a park like Holiday World you can’t go wrong.  We have already made plans and cleared out schedules for next years events!

It is a must do for sure!


For information on Holiday World and other parks be sure to check out our facebook page.

Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone