CoasterStock 2015 Recap


When I saw that Kings Island announced last winter that they would be having their first ever coaster enthusist event in May of 2015 we knew that it was a MUST ATTEND event.  Plans were made and reservtions were booked.  All we needed was for one particular weekend in May arrive. 




We arrived early on Saturday morning to get through registration and and make sure we were ready to enter the park at 8:00am sharp for ERT on Banshee, and the Bat.  

We then made our way over to Adventure Express for several laps.  

The park then opened to the general public for the day and we were on our own until 11:00am. When we had a behind the scenes tour of Banshee.


 This tour offered great views that you normally are not going to get otherwise. 

Dennis Speigel was our guest speaker and was one of the original developers/founders of the park.  He orginally worked at Coney Island and talked about how that park evolved and eventually the idea came along to build Kings Island due to all the floodiing problems that plagued its Ohio River location.  Dennis spoke a little over an hour and had several fun storis to tell about his experiences over the years.

We had dinner in the Picnic Grove that featured BBQ chicken and Ribs!!!



After a day of riding , nightfall was quicklly upon us and it was time for ERT and not just any ERT but BEAST, Diamondback, Vortex, Back Lot Stunt coaster.  These all offered amazing night rides all the way till midnight..


Throw in a couple laps on the iconic Beast and our night was complete!  We ended up walking out of the park at 1145pm.  16 Total hours on day one.


Day 2

There was a early morning train tour that we skipped out on in order to get a litttle more sleep  We planned on getting in te park at 9:00am for morning ERT. Which started on the classic Racer.



Then moved its way down Coney Mall towards Firehawk and Fiight of Fear. 


 Grabbed several more rides after the park opened and it as time for lunch.  Burgers and Dogs was the menu with Blue Ice Cream was desert.  At 3:00pm that afternoon we had the Beast and Diamondback walk backs.  This had to be the highlight of the event.  We were given views that NO ONE gets!  


It was so fun to watch the expressions of the riders when they would come up to the point where they could see several hundered people standing new to the track watching then go by.  

Diamondback was next.


After both tours we decided to can it a day and start the trip back home.  There was additional ERT Sunday night which we elected not to stay for.  


In closing, this was an amazing trip! For the first event that Kings Island ever put on they seem like pros.  All the ERT, 2 meals, shirt, lapel pen, 4 free on ride photo coupons, refill drink bottle all for ONLY 25.00 for a season pass holder.  We did have a couple of issues but they were minor and I told Don Helbig about them and he apologized.  We really enjoyed ourselves are are alreadly planning our trip for next years event!


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Reporting for Jason Slone