2015 Six Flags Announcements



Today is the big day for Six Flags and all its parks announcing their new rides for 2015.  Below is a list of some of those rides.

Six Flags New England Wicked Cyclone

Six Flags Magic Mountain Twisted Colossus

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Batman: The Ride

Six Flags Great Adventure Looping Dragon

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Dare Devil Chaos

Six Flags Over Texas Justice League Dark Ride

Six Flags Over Georgia Jokers Chaos

Six Flags America Bourbon Street Fireball

The Great Escape Buccaneer Beach

Six Flags St. Louis Justice League dark ride
Six Flags Mexico Sky Screamer

La Ronde Maison Rouge year-round haunt

For additional information you check check out the companys website at https://www.sixflags.com/newfor2015.

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Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone




Carowinds to add Fury 325 for 2015

Logo via Carowinds.

Carowinds announced this morning their plans for the 2015 season.  Fury 325 will rise above the sky line at a height of 325 feet and drop down at an 81 degree angle reaching a top speed of a blistering 95 MPH!  The new Giga coaster will have 6602 feet of track. You can see a POV and other information on the parks website http://www.carowinds.com/swarm.


In addtion to this huge coaster the park is also making some other changes.  Among those are improvements to the parking lot with new toll booths and added parking spaces.  Also the park will make a new front entry plaza that will work in tandem with the new coaster.

Park goers wall over top the ride on their way into the park.  Additionally the park will also offer some new dining options as well as updated entertainment.

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Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone

Silver Dollar City to add Firemans Landing Area for 2015

Photos and Logos courtesy Silver Dollar City website.


Today Silver Dollar City announced a new family area in the park titled Fireman’s Landing for the 2015 season.  The area will consist of 6 new rides and 4 interactive play zones.  The layout and attractions are as follows;


  1. Fire Spotter – Soaring balloons for spotting fire dangers
  2. Fire Wagon Frenzy – A bumpy ride for bucket brigade volunteers
  3. FireFall – The 8-story fire tower free-fall drop ride for the more daring recruits


  1. Firefighter’s Fire Drill – Featuring buckets, pumpers, foam ball cannons and targets for showering mock fires
  2. Firefighter’s Fire Escape – An obstacle course of tubes, mazes, climbing structures and slides
  3. Firefighter’s Junior Escape – A soft play area for toddlers

  1. Fireman’s Flyer – A low-flying swing ride for little firefighters
  2. Up the Ladder – A smaller tower drop ride for junior recruits
  3. The Roundaboat – A bouncing ride on Dalmatians racing around a fire hydrant
  4. Firehouse Splash Yard – Squirting water jets and pump hoses


For more information on the area you can visit the parks website http://www.silverdollarcity.com/2015.aspx?icid=fl-sdc-hero-1

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Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone

Hersheypark to Add “Laff Trakk” Coaster for 2015



The first of many ride announcements of the coming weeks was made today at Hersheypark.  Today the park announced for the 2015 season they are building the first ever indoor, spinning, glowing roller coaster “Laff Trakk”.  The ride will be manufactured by Maurer in Germany.  Ride cars will be four seats with 2 back to back seat configuration and will spin 360 degrees as it travels along the 1400 feet of track at 40 mph.   Estimated capacity of the ride is approximately 800 riders per hour.

Check out a POV video of the coaster on the parks site here.

For more information on Hershey Park and other parks please check out Bparcs.com

Reporting for Bparcs.com  Jason Slone


Louisville Mega Caverns Supplies Thrills For the Whole Family


Photos and Logos from Louisville Mega Caverns Website and Facebook Page

For years there as been a hidden treasure below the streets of Central Louisville that many of the natives knew nothing about.  A man made limestone quarry that was used for storage of various items over the years was bought out by private investors and turned into one of the largest attractions in the Louisville Kentucky area today.  More interestingly is that a majority of the caverns are underneath the Louisville Zoo!  Let’s get started shall we????


The initial paying attraction was a tram ride though the cavern that was more of history lesson about the structure than anything else.  The 60 minute trek through the caverns told patrons about things such as formations and early mining operations.

470540_10150810245328576_1824208639_o 1558393_10151927441438576_1871882566_n

Next they decided to up the anti and add a zip line.  That’s right a zip line completely underground!!!!! “Mega Zips” consists of 6 zip lines and 2 challenge bridges to cross to get to those zip lines.  Each tour lasts about 2.5 hours depending on group size.  I have not done this course myself but I have heard that the fact you are underground makes it quite the rush to go through.  The height of some of the zips is rather high, so you are not necessary limited by being underground.


Within the past couple of years the have added a challenge rope course or as they call it “Mega Quest”.  This is not your usual rope course.  This rope course has 76 challenge elements which includes 3 separate zip lines!!  I was able to this a couple of months ago and it is extremely fun.  Its something that they young and old both can do.  You purchase 3 hours slots to climb this thing. But believe me, you will be feeling it the next day for sure!!!

1546043_10151970794443576_1280882749_n 1517578_10151970794293576_518237910_n 1510759_10151970794398576_2101978899_n 10382298_10152242520078576_1208725970916678381_o 10371331_10152246460883576_2178259946385554801_o 1620714_10151970794513576_354815460_n

They have also added conference space because you know that everyone wants to have that big important meeting, well, in a cavern 🙂


And finally, during the Christmas season they decorate the cavern with lights and you can take your own vehicle and drive through while music is playing.  Now that is weird!


So this sounds interesting eh?  Maybe the next time you are in the Louisville area you should stop by and check it out!  I think you will like what you see and hear!


Reporting for Bparcs.com Jason Slone