Kings Island Visit 7-25-14 Photo Tour

Come along with me on one of my recent trips to Kings Island.

Front Gate shows us what we might want to check out this year.


Inside the park entrance you can kick a minature soccer ball in to the fountain for 5.00 which goes toward cancer and winner a car.  I though about partaking since i would probably get tossed form the park I tried to do this any other day.


Straight to Banshee we go for a qucik ride with my Platnum Pass ERT.  THIS. RIDE. IS. AMAZING!!!!


Once is not enough, lets go again!!!!  


Walking down the Coney Mall you get to check out the classics like the Racers..  One of the 1st coasters that got me hooked.

Love these swing rides from back in my Opryland days!



Monster still turning out happy riders.  Personally it just turns my stomach.

Eiffel Tower still stands tall and offers get view of this ever expanding park.


Diamond back now 5 Years old still packs mega airtime at it did from day one!  Fun Fun Fun!

Dinosoars Alive is free to Platinum Pass holders.  I figured what the heck.  I would NOT pay extra to walk through a animatronic dinosaur park 


Got to meet some of my good friends!

Catch a quick ride on the train for the water park. Great views on Diamondback too.


Shake Rattle and Roll has been removed.  Rode this earlier in the year.

Kings Island has an awesome kids area.  Hence the reason this continue to win the Golden Ticket award each year.

Look its Avatar…. ERRRR….. Surf Dog…. Or was it Pipe Scream?  Regardless its fun !



Hope,you enjoyed my brief tour. We exited the park a little earlier than I would have liked.  So, I was not able to get as many photos as I would have liked. It was extremely crowded. 


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Reporting for  Jason Slone



Holiday World adds Thunderbird for 2015

 All Photos Courtesy of Holiday World website

Thursday evening Holiday World finally ended several months of rumors and speculation by announcing their newest ride for the 2015 operating season Thunderbird.  This ride will be the first launched B&M wing coaster in North America, and will Also including 4 inversions and a top speed of 60MPH. It appears that Holiday World is going to get a lot of attention with this new coaster as they already have ever since the announcement was made.  This will be the parks 1st major steel coaster, they currently have 3 wooden coasters.  The coaster appears to interact with The Voyage coaster by criss crossing its track multiple times.  The trains will consist of 20 riders (2 per side, 5 rows). Really looking forward to checking out this coaster next year.  Track layout and some renderings are shown below.


You can see more on Holiday World’s website  

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Reporting for Jason Slone

Cedar Point holds 1st ever successful Coaster Campout.


Photo from Cedar Point Website


I am sure that most enthusiasts think of Cedar Point they think of Coaster-mania to get their fill of coasters with ERT and food and free stuff.  That’s not the case this year however.  New for the 2014 season “Coaster Campout” was added to give a new and different type of event which involved bringing a tent to the park and sleeping among some of the best roller coasters in the world.  In the photos below tents are set up on the grassy areas of the tin lizzies located in frontier town.

Photos from Cedar Point Facebook/twitter

With the park closing at midnight there was not a lot of time for campers to get any sleep before park employees started getting the park ready for the next day.  There also is not a lot of time to get sleep when Cedar Point decides to have a little fun and send halloweekend scarers into the tent areas to ruffle up the campers. Additionally at 2am a loud announcement was made revealing that the new building being built in the front of the park next to Gatekeeper will be a new haunt with a new witch charactercharactercharacter. Most of the campers ate this up (your supposed to have scary stories when camping anyway right?) but, I heard a few got mad and packed up their tents and left. The campout ended with the typical trumpets in the morning to wake everyone up and it was time for everyone to pack up their gear.


Of course Cedar Point went all out with the event giving all in the event LOTS of free items including, blankets, and food. What is a coaster event without ERT?  This event had ERT on Maverick in the evening prior to the event starting and the following morning ERT was Gatekeeper.  So far I have heard nothing but positive feedback involving the event. Hopefully this will continue to be a staple on the schedule each year.  I am not normally a camper but would defiantly consider doing something like this.


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Reporting for Jason Slone 

Cedar Point Adds Beach Bash Friday and Saturday Nights

This year Cedar Point is doing several different events that they have not done in the past like meal plans, campouts, coaster walkbacks among others. Now we can add opening up the beach just outside the park gounds for a Beach Bash or a party of sorts.  Each Friday and Saturday night the park stays till midnight allowing them to have live much and other festivities on the beach.   This seems to be something long overdue for the park and should be a big draw with large crowds coming to this event once word about it gets out about it.


Photos via the Cedar Point Facebook Page

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Reporting for Jason Slone 

Holiday World 2015 Ride Announcement

Holiday World is really hyping up there new ride for 2015 with a dedeciated website just to throw out 66 days of clues The 66 days will end on July 24th when all should be revealed.   It has also been said that this new ride will be the largest investment and expansion in park history.  What could they be adding to go with the parks trifecta of awesome wooden coasters? Time will tell as we willl continue to follow along with the clues and wait anciously for the 24th to arrive.

Photos via The Herald

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Reporting for Jason Slone

Cedar Point New Additions for 2014

This year Cedar Point took a step back from the excitment of adding a large roller coaster or intense flat ride to add some family offerings which is something they have not done for several years.  The addition of 3 new rides included the total referbishment of the Gemini midway.  This also included the Monster ride getting a paint job as well as a new walkway and lighting packages all around.

First is the addition of “Pipe Scream” which is a Disk’O type coaster ride similar to “Surf Dog” at Kings Island.  It was placed in an area where 2 older kiddy rides were located which were removed.  I can tell you from personal experience it is waaaayyyy better than Kings Island version :).

Photo from 

They have also added “Lake Erie Eagles” as seen below. I can remember riding a ride similar to these as a child at Holiday World.  So this one brought back memories.

Photo from Cedar

Both are great family rides.

These areas looked amazing at night with the new light packages they added to each ride as well as the overhead lights to pull it all together.  Gives the look and feel of a carnival type atmosphere.

Photos Via MyOwnCP Facebook Page.

In addition to these rides there is the new Sling Shot ride that opened up to the public on 7-1-14.  It shoots 2 riders up in the air to 360ft and then they free fall back down. Of course this is at additional cost to the patron of the park as well at $25.00 extra a pop.

The old Donut Time restaurant is now everyone’s favorite Starbucks.  The old game day grill is now a sports pub called Chickies and Petes. There are also a few more game and food stands added in some vacant areas where the park felt they needed to be added. As well as other miscellaneous upgrades.

All in all Cedar Point continues to lead the way with the whole family in mind when they visit the park with something for everyone.  From the large record breaking coasters that flip and spin you around every way possible to smaller rides that excite the littlest of children.

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Reporting for – Jason Slone

Article 1 from Peter Bell

I’d first like to start out but saying that what I write is my opinion, from what I’ve see and what I’ve experienced. Saying that I’d now like to start by explaining what I think makes a good theme park and how it can either make or break the day.
The first thing that makes a good park the first and foremost the environment. If it feels like you are in a big city or a desert then the park isn’t doing its best to ensure that you feel that you are in while new world and a place that doesn’t exist. I believe that most people also think that but some haven’t thought too much about it unless you were there in the park. If you think about Disneyland, as soon as you enter the main gate area, you are bombarded by music and friendly cast members who shuffle you into the parks. And even more so when you enter the actual parks you can’t but stop and take a moment breathe and try to take in the whole place in one attempt. Main Street, at Disneyland, immediately transports you to a new place, and when you walk past the flag and you see the castle for the first time you are also transported to a new time.
Another factor that can make or break your day is the rides themselves. Some take you to new and amazing places while others spin your day around, and then there are some that give you a huge rush of adrenalin that catapult you around and back again. Though personally I enjoy rides that make you feel like you have travelled more than the fast and crazy ones, I love the feeling right before the big hill where the train pauses for a split second and you can see the drop. I’d like to take a moment right now and tell you a few of my favorites from Disneyland, California Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and California’s Great America.
From Disneyland:
Tower of Terror: This is one of my new favorite rides. When I first rode it, I was terrified and screamed before, on and after the ride was finished. I understand that a lot of people think this is a baby drop coaster but for me it was my first time riding a ride like this, and it was terrifying. (I have a photo for those who want to see.)
California Screamin’: Those who haven’t taken a ride on this one has to in their lives. When you are locked in you forget that you are in a Disney park. You feel like this ride doesn’t belong at Disneyland but at a Six Flags. The best moment on the ride is the very beginning, where you sit there and listen to the announcer start the count down. It looks like the start is slow and nice but when you are in the ride it feels completely different, this is the main reason I love this ride. It creates a whole different experience with music blasting into your ears as you twist and turn over Paradise Pier.
These are just two of my favorites and in a later article I’ll write about some of my other favorites.
Six Flags: Magic Mountain:
Revolution: This is the ride that I have to ride first before I ride anything else. It is my warm up ride that gets me ready for a day of rollercoasters. It is a little shaky but overall a great ride.
Tatsu: This terrifying ride makes you feel like you are hanging form a great dragons belly as it flies around the mountains that the parks sit on. For me it takes a lot of will power to get on this, but when I do I love every minute of it.
California’s Great America:
Tiki Twirl: It is a fun ride that twists and turns you around. You sit in a giant circle and swing back and forth and spin. It is a mini thrill ride that is a great start of your day.
Demon: This was the first rollercoaster that I rode that had corkscrews on it, and loops. I knew nothing about it when I was in line and then tried to make my mind go blank as I stepped on to the ride.
I know that these were short summarizations of the rides; I will update these as the days go by.
Another factor is the Food and Drinks available in the parks. Although personally I try and not eat when taking a visit to Disneyland, I feel that the karts and stand the do offer food play an important part in the experience. I have tried for the first time a Dole Whip by the “Tiki Room” in Adventureland. It was a nice refreshing treat the made the second half of the day. There is a treat that crosses boards between countries and companies alike, and that would be the Frozen Lemonade. This is my personal favorite when it comes to a quick refreshing snack that holds me over while standing in line for a ride or a show.
This was both a general description of what I believe are the major factors that make the parks the great places they are. Later on I will get more specific with articles on a ride or a show, comparing its pros and cons. I’d love your thoughts and ideas for future writings from me and would enjoy and open dialogue on what you believe are the best parks/rides/shows available today.
Writing for BPARCS this is Peter Bell.